how to skateboard

Learn To Push:

Below are video’s you can watch to learn how to select your board to doing the 360 flip.

It’s important you go through it once so that you really grasp everything about the skateboarding world.

Everybody had to start somewhere, and nobody was able to do it the first day!

You have to learn how to crawl first in order for you to walk in order for you to run!

Spencer Nuzzi From Ride Channel shows you everything you need to get yourself rolling…

(WARNING! Skateboarding can be extremely addicting and may take over your life!)



Learning How To Ride A Skateboard:

Goofy or Regular

How to Powerslide

How to Ollie:

How to Shuvit:

How to Kickflip:

How to Heelflip:

How to Varial Kickflip

How to Tre Flip:

How to Boardslide

How To Skate Stairs

How To Practice Everyday: