Genius…but is this safe? Skateboard meets Tram System in Portugal

Portugal is known for their Tram System to get around the area. We all know when we see a hill, it just makes us want to skate down it. But when you see that the conditions of the road is quite bumpy per say with rocks waiting to put your board to an immediate halt (see image below), you think twice, three times, four times…

However, the urge to skate it kicks in so bad that Portuguese engineer Ricardo Marquez decided to do something so everyone could skate it…

Yes, skateboard downhill on this road…

Well, you’ll see when you watch the video below but, its quite ingenious…however…safety is another topic.

But we all learn from falling right?

Watch these insane skateboarders in Portugal:

Credit: The Inertia

The Cobblestone Riders


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